Baby Care

  • Experiences nurses provide 24 hours professional take care and note down baby growing status by everyday.
  • Nurses will help newborn baby to checking Jaundice index, checking vision, hearing, tactile development, measuring weight, umbilical care, facial treatment and baby sleeping status.
  • Nurses will one-on-one newborn bath lesson with using natural and organic bath goods, warm and non-irritating products.
  • Baby room with medical grade air purifier.

Maternal Medical Care

  • Our TCM Practitioners will assist mothers breastfeeding, teach the correct way to use breast milk pump, mammary gland dredge and breast care.
  • We also will help mothers to evaluate the blood pressure and body weight status, postnatal mental, wound treatment (natural childbirth/caesarean birth).
  • Besides that, mother's physical and mental recovery also will be pay attention by us. We will flexible adjustment room based on mother needs, helping mother postnatal recovery and used herbal bath formula for improve mother's blood circulation.
  • Professional parenting courses also will provide by us.


  • Mothers' physical condition of each mother in our care. Therefore, we also provided Chinese medicine practitioner to helping mothers recovery.  Physicians regular consultation with continual face-to-face guidance and medical advice for assist mothers recovery.
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